When you complete this video, click over to NESTA and learn about earning your professional credential in sports nutrition. The right food before, during and after exercise is important to perform at the top of your game. If your digestive tract is suffering, it can easily affect your overall nutrition. It’s responsible not only for absorbing nutrients you need, but for keeping toxins and harmful chemicals out of your body, and keeping your immune system running smoothly. A poorly functioning digestive system can also seriously impact your mental state, concentration, and energy levels.Athletic performance will be better if virtually no food is in the stomach or small intestines at the time the event is being performed. All food must
be digested in the stomach and small intestines before being absorbed into the body and, thus, clear the gastrointestinal tract. The GI tract is responsible for delivering carbohydrate and fluid to the blood during prolonged exercise and it has been demonstrated that the delivery of fluids and carbohydrate can delay fatigue and enhance endurance performance. The preceding information is foundational. You earn your certification and learn to help others. Ge the details you want here:

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