Veganism is a popular trend among athletic individuals, who believe it can improve their health, performance and recovery.

In this webinar, Simone do Carmo discusses how she approaches working with a vegan athlete, bearing in mind their reasons for being vegan, and the importance of a detailed timeline and dietary intake assessment. She also reviews specific nutritional considerations pertinent to a vegan athlete.

Rachel Jesson puts the theory into practice by sharing nourishing examples of how we can amplify the nutrient density of foods for the vegan athlete, while introducing specific preparation and cooking methods.

The webinar ends with Ian Craig sharing his philosophical and experiential views on why veganism is not always the most sustainable dietary approach, and he will discuss dietary balance when it comes to health.

About Simone and Rachel

Simone do Carmo MSci SENr graduated from the University of Glasgow with a first-class MSci in Physiology, Sports Science & Nutrition. She is an exercise physiologist, sports nutritionist and personal trainer. As an advocate for an individualised and qualitative approach to nutrition, she is particularly interested in nutritional strategies to support hypertrophy and plant-based athletes. Simone is also the course coordinator at the Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition, and the acquisitions editor for the Functional Sports Nutrition magazine. @sport_bokkie

Rachel Jesson B.Phys.Ed M.Phil is a teacher at CISN and the School of Natural Cookery. As the first natural chef to extend these cooking methods into the demanding field of athletic performance, she is the host of the CISN natural sports cookery course. Rachel insists that for health, we need to keep things simple; she takes inspiration from previous generations regarding the preparation of wholesome food. Rachel is also the co-author of Wholesome Nutrition (with Ian Craig), and therapeutically, within The Nutritional Institute, she works as a health food coach, helping individuals to put nutritional interventions into a practical, food-focused form. @racheljesson;; @cisn_info

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