Milk might be the drink that you’re missing!

The question of is milk useful for athletes is an easy one. The short answer? Yes it is!

Milk can be a super useful tool for recovery for athletes, whether you swim, bike. run or lift weights in the gym. Milk has carbohydrates, protein, calcium and sodium and helps to replenish your body’s carb stores and promote muscle protein synthesis – something you need to help build and maintain muscle. It can also help with your hydration.

For triathletes it could be useful for recovery after an intense or long endurance session or after resistance training in the gym. If you don’t have anything specific that you have after your sessions currently, you could consider milk as a recovery drink.

0:00 Dramatic intro
1:32 Why might milk be good for athletes?
2:01 Endurance training
3:35 Resistance training (weights)
4:30 Other uses of milk
5:17 Practical advice

Hosted by James

Clinical Practitioner in Family Medicine
Advanced Diploma Nutrition, Masters student of Sports and Exercise Nutrition
Nutrition Consultant for Hurry The Food Up
Great Britain Age Group Triathlete
Qualified British Triathlon Coach

These videos shouldn’t be taken as direct, personal advice on medicine or nutrition but more for information purposes based on the latest research and evidence. Unless otherwise clearly stated, this information is more suited to adults as under 18s have different requirements and considerations. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have as an individual though!

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