~[[Food for thought!!]~~


I know there have been many questions about food and what to eat and when to eat what…

I’m bring in Julie Hansen
who runs Julie Hansen Nutrition

and a FB group Practical Sports Nutrition

🙌 A Nutritionist for Athletes

🌟🌟Who is an Athlete🌟🌟

🌟🌟Who is a WOMAN🌟🌟

She races in sprint Triathlons and has just won in a masters division!!

So stoked to bring her in and spread some knowledge!

She is a awesome and super knowledgeable sports nutritionist!!

We go over:

🤜What to eat before a ride

🤜What to eat during a ride

🤜What to eat after and

🤜If carb loading is a true thing!!

If you want to join in on the FB group to be part of the live interviews go to:

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