Sports nutrition is controversial topic. I’ll show you a soccer player diet plan few footballers would dare to try. It is weird but it will also increase your energy, build muscle, aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation, promote recovery, and enhance overall sports performance.

The common sports nutrition meal plans you will find on the Internet are out-dated. I don’t expect you to adopt my style of sports nutrition but take a close look at my ideal full day of eating – if there is even 1 sports nutrition idea you can add to your own sports nutrition diet plan – this video is worth watching.

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More information about this video:

Whether you’re a soccer player, footballer, or endurance athlete – you don’t necessarily need a diet plan / nutrition plan / meal plan.

What you need is a sports nutrition education – knowledge is power. We all have our own style of eating and our own ideal soccer player diet plan. In reality, the best sports nutrition diet plan is the one of you are actually going to follow and more importantly, enjoy eating.

This video contains a vegan soccer player diet or a slightly modified vegetarian soccer player diet – just because you’re not a vegetarian does not mean you can’t use some of the sports nutrition ideas in this full day of eating vegan / vegetarian video.

PS – This is not a professional soccer player diet plan – I’m an amateur footballer, trainer, and soccer coach in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Thanks for watching this full day of eating for soccer players – Sports Nutrition for Athletes | WARNING: Weird Soccer Player Diet & Full Day of Eating w/ Footballer

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