Strom Sports bring you their advanced Glucose Disposal Agent containing high-quality ingredients that have shown in studies to improve insulin sensitivity and promote lower blood glucose levels.

Why do you need to manage insulin?
As insulin is the main storage hormone in the body, proper insulin release and response is essential for restricting body fat gain and promoting efficient recovery and performance, not to mention giving muscle splitting pumps and insane levels of fullness.

What makes this glucose disposal agent so good?
GlycoMax is a high strength GDA because of the highly dosed ingredients.

2000mg Cinnamon Bark Extract
1000mg Berberine HCL
500mg Bitter Melon Extract
300mg ALA
250mcg Chromium Picolinate
Each plays a role in a number of things such as

Regulating glucose uptake
Creating a better blood glucose profile for efficient uptake and use by the body.
Improve insulin release and response
Improvements in insulin sensitivity.
What are the main benefits of Strom’s GDA?
Glucose disposal
Nutrient repartitioning
Pump enhancing
Can improved body composition

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