On this week’s Propulsion Swimming Podcast we have teamed up with Youth Sport Nutrition to give young swimmers a basic guide to follow for their nutrition within swimming!

We talk with head nutritionist, Emmy Campbell, about the do’s and don’t of a swimmers diet, how to eat during a regular training day and what advice to follow over the course of a race day!!

We also talk about the situations when supplements can be used to aid a healthy diet and why calorie counting is to be avoided!!

Check out Youth Sport Nutrition here – https://bit.ly/31Am9LF
For 10% off your YSN order use code – Propulsion10

00:00 Intro
01:34 What is Youth Sport Nutrition?
03:14 General Nutrition Everyone Should Know and Do
06:04 Having A Food Diary
08:53 Eating Before Morning Sessions
13:02 Snacks During A Swim Session
15:25 Hydration During A Swim Session
17:54 Eating After Training
20:43 Race Day
25:00 Supplements
27:46 Resources For Young Athletes
29:16 Workshops At Youth Sport Nutrition
30:13 Send Off

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