Invited Session “The Future of Sports Nutrition sponsored by GSSI”

Technology and sports Nutrition
Close, G.
Liverpool John Moores University

Over the past decade we have witnessed a remarkable increase in the use of technology in sport. This technology is not only targeted
at elite and professional athletes but also recreational athletes who are striving for personal improvements in both performance and
health. Although all departments of sports science are now heavily technology driven, the increase in nutrition technology appears to
be particularly popular. For example, it is increasingly common to witness people in supermarkets scanning bar codes with smart
phones or inputting data in restaurants to check the macronutrient composition of the meal, often without really knowing what they are
looking for. The assessment of energy intake and expenditure are perhaps two of the most difficult of all physiological measurements,
especially in professional athletes. Consequently, despite energy intake and expenditure being key determinants of athletic
performance, data from professional athletes is still somewhat lacking in the scientific literature. Whilst without question some
emerging technology is helping to simplify the assessment of energy intake and expenditure, there are also examples where the
technology is adding a layering of complexity to an already over complicated discipline. It is not uncommon to witness athletes
seeking their diet and exercise plans from faceless technology rather than seeking professional science backed advice. Perhaps
more importantly, in many cases the basic scientific questions regarding this technology have not been fully examined, such as how
valid and reliable are the tools in question? This presentation will look at some of the emerging trends regarding the use of technology
in sports nutrition and will examine if mobile technology has a place in the toolbox of the sports nutrition practitioner. Finally the
presentation will hypothesise where the technology is going next and how as practitioners we can utilize this technology to improve
our practice.

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