Energize – XS Energy & Sports Nutrition

Energize – XS Energy & Sports Nutrition

Learn how XS Energize products deliver positive energy through great tasting energy drinks, energy bars, pre-workout supplements and more! Boost energy today with sustained energy for tomorrow’s adventures.

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Tokyo 2020 | Sports Nutrition | Eating The Japanese Way

Tokyo 2020 | Sports Nutrition | Eating The Japanese Way

Miso is rich in essential minerals and a good source of various vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin K & Folic Acid.

Learn about the benefits of Miso from Mihira Khopkar, Lead #SportsNutritionist at Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital.

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Nutrition | पोषण | Vitamin | Part-2

Nutrition | पोषण | Vitamin | Part-2

Hello everyone
Welcome to sports and physical education
This video is about nutrition – Vitamin

Topic covered-
1. What are Vitamins?
2. Water Soluble Vitamin
3. Fat Soluble Vitamin
4. Vitamin A – Retinol
5. Vitamin D – Calciferol
6. Vitamin E – Tocopherol
7. Vitamin K – Phylloquinone
8. Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid
9. Vitamin B1- Thiamine
10. Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin
11. Vitamin B3- Niacin
12. Vitamin B5- Pantothenic acid
13. Vitamin B6- Pyridoxine
14.Vitamin B7 – Biotin
15. Vitamin B9- Folic Acid
16. Vitamin B12- Cyanocobalamin
17. Functions of Vitamins
18. Sources of Vitamins
19. Vitamin Deficiency and Diseases

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Webinar: The carb-fat ‘macros’ debate in sports nutrition – Ian Craig and friends

Webinar: The carb-fat ‘macros’ debate in sports nutrition – Ian Craig and friends

The ‘carb is king’ paradigm has now been running within the field of sports nutrition for over 50 years. Some of this one-sided belief is well founded, with clear sports performance gains in certain athletic contexts, but equally polarised views of ‘fat is fab’ have begun to confuse this narrative over the past decade or so. So, what is the truth? Should athletes be consuming lots of bread and pasta, or should they get stuck in, no holds barred, to the cream container?

When we add in a single word, individuality, the picture becomes more complex: after all “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” It does not make sense to take generic sports nutrition guidelines and apply them, without question, to the varying physiology of every athlete. If we also add in Ian’s favourite word, contextualisation, it very much depends on what activity a particular person is undertaking, and when.

In this interactive webinar, Ian and his colleagues will explore each side of the carb-fat divide, and then they’ll begin to add some clarity with regard to how to appropriately apply macronutrient research into the context of an individual athlete.

About Ian

Ian Craig MSc DipCNE BANT INLPTA has joint academic backgrounds in exercise physiology and nutritional therapy, and he enjoyed a 20-year career as a middle-distance athlete. He is the founder of the Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition and course leader for the online Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition course, plus he teaches on the postgraduate Personalised Sports Nutrition course at CNELM. Clinically, within a team dynamic, Ian works with sporting individuals and complex health cases at his Scottish home, and online. Additionally, Ian is the editor of Functional Sports Nutrition magazine and he co-authored the Struik Lifestyle book Wholesome Nutrition with his natural chef wife Rachel Jesson.

Twitter: @ian_nutrition
Facebook: @intsportsnutrition