NFL players hit harder, run faster, and jump higher than ever before. That means they need all the help they can get in fueling peak performance and recovery. For the past three years, the 49ers have looked to Jordan Mazur to provide it. We sat down with Jordan, who’s one of our Momentous Performance Engineers, to get his take on a wide range of topics – everything from the need for clean supplements to his people-first approach to the promise of genetic testing.

0:10 – “What are the biggest nutrition misconceptions you see in the NFL?”
2:07 – “How important is individualization in nutrition?”
2:50 – “How important is trust between the athlete and dietician?”
3:46 – “What tools are you using to personalize your nutrition prescriptions?”
4:49 – “How important is it that your supplements are NSF certified?”
5:59 – “What shifts are you seeing in the food industry?”
6:34 – “How do consumers influence the products companies produce?”
8:09 – “Nutrition is just part of the equation – What other factors affect performance?”

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