What’s the right way to fuel before, during, and after a race or workout? Find out what your body needs in the different phases of triathlon racing and training.

The right nutrition plan will help get the Gameplan hosts to the finish line.

A proper diet with sufficient nutrients for the body is part of Ton, Juls and Amanda’s training program for the Triathlon challenge. Chief nutritionist Jeanette Aro explains how to fuel the right way, before, during, and after a race or workout.

When training, working out or racing, the body runs out of energy because there is a limited amount of carbohydrates the body can store. Like an engine, when the body runs out of fuel, performance starts to decline.

Here are 5 nutrition tips to maintain the level of intensity in performance:

1. Take a daily dose of vitamins and minerals to help improve immunity and support body’s energy use.

2. Pre-race or workout. Take in food with high carbohydrates and moderate protein to increase energy

3. Racing or during the workout. Replenish calories with carbohydrate sports drinks or energy gels.

4. Post race. Eat a meal or a shake with 3:1 carbs to protein within 30-45 minutes after exercises to repair torn muscles and avoid fatigue.

Nutrition is part of a triathlete’s gameplan. Learn a little more and see Ton, Amanda and Juls’ customized nutrition plans

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