Prof Jaspal Singh Sandhu, Patron IASM Prof. Patrick Yung, President AFSM

Prof Arumugam S, President IASM Assoc Prof. Dr Abdul Halim Mukhtar, President MASM
Dr. K.A. Thiagarajan, CSS, SRIHER Dr. Mahenderan Appukutty, UiTM, Malaysia

Indian Association of Sports Medicine (IASM) in association with the Malaysian Association of Sports Medicine (MASM) has organized a webinar series under the aegis of Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (IFSM), on current topics covering Sports Medicine & Sports Sciences, with special focus on the implications of Covid-19 Pandemic over sports. Eminent faculty from all over the world will be sharing their expertise over a month-long period providing intense academic learning opportunity for students, practitioners and researchers in sports. This webinar series will be streamed live on the official YouTube channel of the IASM where participants can view and interact.

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