Nutrition is the biological and physical process by which an organisms uses food to sustain its existence. It entails absorption, assimilation, secretion, metabolism and digestion. Nutrition can be described in terms of the food components that provide the metabolic energy required to maintain the normal activities of an organisms. There are five classes of nutritional foods or macro-nutrients and they are carbohydrates, protein, fats, minerals and vitamins. The banana stands out among the other macro-nutrients as it provides all the nutrients required by an organism.

It can be categorized into two categories, carbohydrate and protein. Both are required by all the organisms for life but the difference lies in the kind of energy production mechanism employed by the cells. Macromolecular metabolism is a process that involves synthesis of carbohydrates by heterotrophic bacteria and heterotrophic fungi, and starch conversion by glycolysis. Banana Nutrition brings together macromolecular metabolism and Banana Nutrition to bring you a new energy drink mixotrophs that can improve your health, even at a young age.

Plants are classified into four groups according to their food type and the classification is further divided into vegetative, angiogenic, vertebrate and phengroid. Animals differ in their diet and human beings fall under the classification of vertebrate or animals as there are several distinct species of animals that provide human nutrition. Vegetable nutrition is that part of nutrition that is provided by living plants and the fruits and vegetables are part of the animal nutrition.

Nutritional science has traced back to ancient times when man and his ancestors discovered that eating certain kinds of foods can keep him alive and well even when hunger struck. This was the time when people realized that not all the abundant food sources could be consumed easily and that what was necessary was an alternate source of nourishment. The first course of action was the search for alternative foods that were easy to grow and harvest in large quantities. Thus, cultivation of crops was initiated and eventually the domestication of animals was bound to occur. This was followed by the use of such animals as cattle, sheep, ostriches and so on for meat.

Biotechnology too is based on the premise of ensuring nutrition that is safe for humans by dealing with the inherent problems of heterotrophic nutrition. It works on the principle of genetic engineering by introducing foreign genes that are useful for the production of different types of enzymes. The introduction of these enzymes does not affect the natural functioning of the organism and the heterotrophic organisms are thus allowed to proliferate. These heterotrophic organisms do not need sunlight to produce energy. In order to serve human beings, heterotrophic nutrients are introduced in food. These nutrients are then converted by the different microorganisms present in the gut of the human body into energy that the human body requires.

A major part of ensuring good nutrition lies in the food choices that we make. Although good nutrition is essential to maintain good health, many of us have made our food choices in ways that have resulted in us acquiring nutrient poor foods. A common thread in these choices is the consumption of processed or convenience foods.

A diet that lacks in necessary nutrients is like driving a car with a broken wheel. You cannot function properly and keep your vehicle running smoothly if you do not fix the problem. What is required is a concerted plan that involves a change in lifestyle and the consumption of nutrient rich foods. Nutrient rich diets should comprise fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, lean meats and fish.

Our body’s requirement for the various nutrients including minerals is known as our daily nutritional requirement. A deficiency in one particular nutrient can result in a variety of other symptoms including anemia, osteoporosis and mineral deficiencies. Hence, it is very important to ensure good nutrition by consuming the right kind of food at the right time. It is important to consume a balanced diet comprised of a mixture of different food types to ensure that you get all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fat that are needed for good health.

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