Sports Nutrition is the process and study of diet and nutrition specifically with regards to enhancing anyone’s sporting performance. Nutrition is a crucial element of most sports training programs, especially being equally popular in endurance sports and strength sports. There are a number of training programs and diets that are effective and can aid in enhancing sporting performance. These are:

Strength Training/Energetic Sports Nutrition: Endurance athletes require a high amount of carbohydrates to fuel muscle mass and give the body a boost for greater endurance, which requires a higher amount of glycogen. Glycogen is a substance that stores glucose, which is a source of fuel for muscle. Without enough glycogen, the body can run out of energy very quickly. A good sports nutrition plan should include a high intake of carbohydrates (including both complex and simple carbohydrates) and a relatively high intake of protein. Some nutritionists recommend consuming up to six eggs per day as a source of protein for athletes that are engaged in endurance events. For strength training, the ideal foods would be lean meats, fish and eggs for glycogen and protein synthesis and amino acids that will help improve muscle power.

Exercise Nutrition: Athletes who are engaged in physical activity in sports or other physical activity require a great deal of energy. Not only do they need energy to perform physical activities such as running, but their energy is also used to complete tasks like lifting weights and bodybuilding. A good sports nutrition plan can aid in replenishing this energy, which will allow athletes to perform at their peak for longer periods of time.

Sports Nutrition Supplements: Natural ingredients can be found in many health and fitness products that are designed to enhance sporting performance and provide greater energy and muscle recovery. A common supplement used by athletes is Creatine. This ingredient has been proven to boost energy levels, improve reaction time and enhance muscle and tendon strength. Creatine is often incorporated into a sports nutrition cocktail by adding it to a pre-workout drink or even a post-workout meal.

Finding the correct sports nutrition supplement for an individual can be tricky. There are many products on the market with varying levels of quality. Some companies use cheap ingredients and fillers, whereas others provide quality ingredients at a reasonable cost. Before an athlete begins using any supplement, they should make sure to do research on the ingredients to ensure the product is truly one that will enhance their athletic performance and meet their personal nutritional needs.

Every athlete is different, so their specific needs will vary. An athlete’s physical performance depends on their ability to recover quickly following a workout and to complete intense endurance exercises. Sports Nutrition professionals can guide athletes in finding the best nutrition products that will meet their individual needs. The health and lifestyle habits of an athlete plays a huge role in determining the best sports nutrition product for them. This includes both the amount of calories consumed and the type of exercises performed.

While some athletes consume large amounts of carbohydrates, such as pasta and sugar, they may also need to increase their protein intake. A sports nutrition dietitian can help an athlete determine which type of protein they need and recommend types of protein they should avoid. Athletes that participate in high-intensity activities, such as track and field, should be concerned with increasing the amount of whey protein they consume, while those that engage in endurance activities, such as rowers and runners, should consume a low-calorie, high-protein diet.

Sports Nutrition professionals are also aware that many athletes are not performing at their best because they are not consuming the proper nutrition. In order to maximize their physical performance, athletes must have a diet rich in quality fats, proteins, complex carbohydrates and vitamins. A healthy diet is essential to promoting optimal health and anabolic muscle growth. Sports Nutrition professionals have developed a series of tools and processes to make this process easier and more effective for today’s athlete. In addition, the Sports Nutrition Professional Education program has helped thousands of nutritionists and athletes get the education and training they need to transform their career and live a healthier life.

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