Invited Session “The Future of Sports Nutrition sponsored by GSSI”

The Future of Sports Nutrition
Jeukendrup, A.
University of Birmingham

The future of sports nutrition
Gatorade sports Science Institute, Barrington IL, USA
Sports nutrition has evolved rapidly in the last 50 years and is likely to continue to evolve. The purpose of this symposium is to
discuss some of the major trends and expected areas of development of the field. The discussions will center around 3 major topics:
(1) Development of guidelines and personalization of advice as well as products (2) Regulatory changes with an impact on advice,
athlete behaviour as well as product development (covered by Dr Maughan) and (3) The continued introduction of technology into
sports nutrition (Discussed by Dr Close).
A little history of development of guidelines provides an insight into the trends towards more specific advice that is dependent not only
on the activity, the goals, the environmental conditions but also on differences in individual physiology and body composition.
Although steps in the right direction have been made, there is still a lot of missing information and future research should try to
address those gaps.

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